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I’m Jodie and I’m an ICF accredited coach and certified mindfulness practitioner. I specialise in supporting parents and professionals to overcome overwhelm, curb stress and find practical, sustainable ways forward.

Clients come to me because they're constantly fire fighting and aware they're teetering towards burnout but have no idea how to put on the brakes and find a way to do things differently.  Together we identify what needs to change and the practical steps they can take to achieve and sustain those changes. 

I adopt a strengths-based coaching approach which draws on positive psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness to help clients:

💡curb stress
💡overcome overwhelm

💡manage their own difficult emotions
💡understand and support children’s emotional awareness and regulation
💡find practical, sustainable ways of doing things differently rather than just doing more

To find out more about how I can help you book your free initial call here.


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